Improvisers In A Car Talking Sh!t!

Hi guys, I know I haven’t been blogging much.

I’ve actually been working a lot on my new webseries on You Tube which came out late last year !

My friend Georgina and I improvise all our dialogue and come up with various characters!

Check it out on my channel now!

Until next time keep safe and as positive as possible! Xo Blessings to you all!


January 2021 Poems

A couple more poems I’ve written this month so far.


He types with fast fingers of importance.

I wonder what his work is?

Then he slips out as if he wasn’t there.

Click click click the ceiling fan goes.

Quiet hum of occasional cars going by.

Music low and uplifting , dishes, quiet voices of others dining.

Plane quietly flies overhead.

Birds sing.

I find solace here when single with an abundance of free time.

A plentiful supply of cafes nearby, go when quieter, space, no need to over communicate.

Vibes are good, always options for plant based souls eating what is grown from the ground on up.

I can write, read and relax and eat.

Being home too much was getting to me, Sick and healing isn’t just resting.

Work for this creative can be frustrating and I’m alone in my beliefs sometimes wondering if all the work I do is worth it.

I must stay up, thank you Cafes for your help.

I can hear others and it’s ok, I’m not nosy.

Sometimes I bring like minded souls to lunch.

Click click click goes the ceiling fan but it’s not annoying.

Fly Away Ego

Trapped, confused don’t know what to do, going around in circles.

No I don’t know how to get help.

I want to look independent and free as if I could fly like a butterfly.

I don’t like you to see me when I’m not beautiful, calm and strong!

Oh shit I might do something wrong, look stupid so I continue to bump into windows like a confused butterfly or moth.

Beautiful, silly insect not using my brain to save pain when the door is wide open and a helping hand offered needn’t be scary, it often isn’t in my experience.

But the ego means some of us don’t want to see what’s on the other side of the door even when it’s been opening for us and light is streaming in.


Rules (Poem)

*Side note: new poem from January 2021 about living in Sydney right now with the covid restrictions which are helping us. Sending light and love to my UK, Europe and USA based friends who are severely lacking the positive leadership that we have and losing many souls. I hope in the near future you will do similar to us in Australasia*

They police in numbers, watching and waiting to keep you in line

It’s just their job

The law we must follow and sacrifice a little for a percentage of freedom

At least not all are in a national lockdown I think while I express some gratitude

We silently judged her, staff of this tin can we travel in, mask off as she entered, angry looks in our eyes

I judged her too and then mentally apologized while she sheepishly put her mask on and somewhat lost her balance

I leaned up against stair case handle I hope had just been sanitized, no socially distanced seat available

I know common sense, intuition and boundaries and health and $200 fines do not appeal to me

So sweaty mouth and nose covered, sometimes tougher to breathe deeply in warmth or humidity when more fatigued

Be calm

I know it’s wrong to judge fellow souls when they wear the mask wrong or not all at, it doesn’t hurt me if they mess up and get fines

Now I laugh to myself, you idiot you have a well protected chin or well your mouth is covered at least

I spot a bus driver with a naked face and a smile, fresh air permeates his drivers compartment

I want to yell at him from the footpath mask up jerk but it’s not acceptable and what if he is exempt?

I look online and find no special rules for drivers herding us in chaos from locations unknown

I sigh and remind myself at least it’s improving, more of us mask up than before because not all were following rules proven to help.

*Photo: Mask on, meditating in the cinema cafe, being grateful, trying not to be hateful of those who are careless*


My Lips Are Sealed!

Hi all, I have recently discovered mouth taping but first…

*Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this post are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

I know, I know I probably don’t need to put a disclaimer every post but I never know who is reading these posts and if you just read one post…

Anyway, mouth taping. What on earth is that? Here’s a 60 second video on how to do it. Check it out then read the rest of this post!

I found out about taping from the Take A Deep Breath You Tube channel.

I had some medical tape from awhile back and thought I would try it out.

At first it was weird, my mouth didn’t know how to completely stay closed which indicated to me that during the night I must be open mouth breathing! That would explain why I often have a dry or slightly sore throat frequently in the mornings.

I have found that I wake up a bit more clear headed if the tape stays on all night. No dry or sore throat and anything that can help my immune system is fine by me!

Some very hot nights it gets pulled off, too sweaty! A few nights I have forgotten to use it.

I used to have a reminder on my phone to do it because my memory isn’t great and I’m doing a lot to improve my health but I’m consistent!

Breathing through the nose rather than the mouth is highly recommended for health benefits. This blog post has more details.

Obviously you will need to exercise some common sense i.e if you have a cold etc and can’t breathe through your nose at present then don’t mouth tape. It also takes some getting used to.

I could say more here but I trust you reader to make your own decision as to whether you want to try this.

Thanks for stopping by!


First Book Review !

My first review by a fellow poet who was interested in buying my book!

I saw a poem he posted when he was in a lot of pain and offered my book for FREE.

This is a very touching and a reminder of why I write poetry. It’s from the heart.

To purchase contact me here for links.

Blessings to you dear reader, keep positive, safe and strong in these challenging times.


My First Book !

My e book ‘Poems For Hope’ is now available for sale!

I want my words to inspire hope and love in a dark time xox

You can purchase online at the following stores:

Girls On Key Poetry




Barnes And Noble

Also available from Apple Books (formerly iBooks) directly from the app.

And a hard copy version to be released in 2021. Stay tuned!


Corona Virus Support !!!!!

Hi everyone,

*Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this post are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

I created a playlist on You Tube that might be helpful.

It has advice from others’ such as Deepak Chopra who is trained both in the medical field and self help/spiritual field.

I’m sure we are all doing what we can.

I’m doing my best not to let my existing health stress me out.

I have my moments and I’m getting better!

Thinking of you all. Sending good vibes.


Label Maker (15 February 2020)

Label Maker print and place on your foreheads, on chest, hand on heart

Easier to define so you don’t lose your mind or seem too unkind

Can’t define ourselves by your rules or laws so much anymore

People are wiser now

When you grow or change are you not victim or a fighter anymore

A survivor?

Are you cold or aloof?

Label maker because how else can we know what you’ve been through? But often judgements save our souls from change

Let it go

But they hurt me, I went backwards

It’s ok to be in pain but dwelling will only cause you more pain, that’s insane

Maybe label you the chick who is fussy, hard on herself

Label relationships

Best or casual friendships

Lover, serious partner, life partner,

If we don’t label then we don’t know where we stand, how to let go

Label my skin black, brown, white, tan, without asking about my heritage

Label maker paste my gender man, woman, trans gender

Question my sexual orientation gay, hetro, lesbian, bi, pan, born in the wrong body, without understanding the courage it takes to be the real me

Religious, atheist, spiritual

Vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, don’t care anymore

Soul, human

Label to understand, not to judge.

Ask why or how of what you don’t understand

We’ve all been labeled but it’s been the wrong way so now it’s time to change it

Label maker print and stick on our foreheads “human”


Poems; A Few For You !

Politics (25 May 2018)

He knows everything and nothing at all

Drinks all the coffee in the world

He feels everything and nothing at all

Eats all the food in the world

Throw out the waste

Caring not to share with us

The game

Friend Unknown (20 December 2017)

So disturbed by this weight

I must stand and wait

Not by upset by this presence

I almost didn’t think straight

I don’t have to wait

Remember not to judge

Get out of my head

It is not my right to judge

To be a hypocrite

I tell myself this soul is kind but sad

Let them rest

If you don’t know my story how can I know yours ?

Old Sage (28 November 2018)

Souls don’t fight

It’s time to right

Not to fight them and us

It’s backwards

Let’s go forward

I’ll led by example

But don’t copy me

Feel it

Don’t think it

No judgement

I wasn’t stoned when I wrote this

I feel like the odd white sage

Guiding herself

Though in her mind some of her ideas might seem insane


RAGE (Poem 7 January 2020)

Talk quietly, be careful, p.c

Talk loundly ? No can do this is not polite, let me sign my name to your words instead and hope for the best

Talk in my head, on my wall, out loud to myself in bed

Sing not talk the words I maybe afraid to say, let them speak for me, I can relate

Talk out of fire and passion and risk upsetting children, my friends and family

Talk out of turn and lose my job. Nothing nice to say just shut up, you need this job !

But I hate it !

Talk louder in a message written to push buttons, think proactively and feel more

Cry in my head, out loud

Oh just forget it, not helpful

Must stay positive for their sake

Scream silently, not wanting to upset anyone, am I losing my mind

Scream louder, no I am losing my mind?

Yell, that’s going to get me noticed in the wrong ways!

I’m not a famous activist, I’m too weird

Yell, but this is not a march or a rock concert

This is not appropriate

Yell I hate the way some of us have forgotten about what humanity is

Yell I hate the hypocrites and the fundamentalists

Yell I hate that we can’t all see what we have in common rather than what we don’t

Yell I hate that I hate this is not me

Yell I hate that this rage is in me and I don’t have enough influence to help make positive change

Yell I hate seeing people and ALL animals in pain

Yell I want positive change

Yell I did plenty and now I don’t care who cuts me out anymore

Yell because you won’t hear me

Yell until I lose my voice

Yell in this poem and don’t care if it doesn’t motivate you anymore

Yell who is with me ?


Is Change Good?

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

So change is inevitable isn’t it? Some of it is expected and some of it not.

We often don’t see the positive ahead of time.

How many times have you said ”in hindsight…” when thinking back to a situation that you maybe wished you had handled better?

I have had several changes this year.

I’m a person who constantly works on self-improvement and is less scared of change if I know the outcome will be positive but I still get scared and I still get upset.

Yes it’s true I do like to process it quickly and get out of any negative physical and mental feelings I have but it’s important to be able to feel them then really let them go. Can you relate to this?

Unfortunately, I have had to go backward in a sense to go forward in terms of the dose of medication I was taking of steroids for the now almost in remission multiple myeloma (cancer) I’ve lived with for many years.

I had two unexpected fractures that prompted this and also went back on the Zometa to strengthen my bones 3 months on, 3 months off for awhile.

I also no longer qualified for the monthly Intragram infusions that had helped me over the last 3 years.

This was scary. I found more ways of helping my body naturally and kept up with acupuncture and seeing my osteopath.

Changes had to be made or I was going to get sickier again. I had come so far! It wasn’t easy.

I’m happy to say that working with my specialists especially during Winter which was tough with viruses a plenty that I’m now in a position to cut back a little bit of the medications every month. Short term increase for long term gain?

I may soon be free of cancer and of this medication and probably even the Pomalidomide.

I had changes with my career. I expected but it didn’t go as I expected but that wasn’t a bad thing.

Having had 1 job so far as a plus-size model is a great start, getting auditions more often and a few other great surprises as an actor. Yes, I wanted this! More please universe!

Now it’s time to move house again. I know and understood the reasons.

I also remembered that everything happens for a reason. I should be moving towards the end of this month. It’s a change I sensed coming.

It wasn’t easy. Moving never is regardless of your health.

When chatting with a friend as you do, I was offered a free coaching session at The Morula Center.

It helped me a lot to understand why I have certain reactions.

Old memories held in the body. I also attended a free EFT workshop.

I have started using EFT more than before. It’s not something I hadn’t heard of. I firmly believe this helped me a lot in my life and I had more things flow, go right.

There is science to it for those unsure.

I wouldn’t have made these changes if I didn’t have an unexpected change!

There will be adjustments and changes with the new living situation.

I did my best to mentally prepare myself for them but then I realized I may create anxiety in my body and just had to basically let go and trust.

I feel a lot more positive now going into the unknown. I have my moments but it’s ok.

Basically, when change doesn’t feel like it’s a good thing, it often can be.

I have found that when you are working on yourself and positive that the universe sees this and remember that you will only be given as much as you can handle.

Just know that it will all work out for the best.

Blessings to you all, thank you for reading. Please comment and share if you feel so inclined.



What Is Being in The Moment? (Podcast Episode)

Latest short podcast episode

*Disclaimer; I mention some heavy stuff I’ve been through briefly (mental health) as it helps explain what is possible*

Thank you 🙏 for listening and please subscribe ❤️🙏


Don’t justify! (Video Blog June 19 2019)

Some advice from me!

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

Video Blog (You Tube)


Tow The Line (Poem)

Tow the line, whose line?I see a different line, of curves.

I sense what you may not see.

I feel the colours in our souls.

My soles of my feet need no longer be weary of walking and towing a line not drawn in the sand for you, for me.

We create our destiny using love, gratitude and that feeling in our gut, in the heart, pushing a little against the grain, not being afraid anymore of what they might say

In an age of political correctness gone mad this is sad it’s this way,

Don’t offend but don’t pretend all is ok that it’s meant to be this way!

Don’t fight the power, be the power!

Trust we are the power, all together!

Anyone can change.

Together we can be whole.


Let’s Stick Together!

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

A big hello to my new followers and those who commented or liked my last post!

I’m glad my blog is helping you!

I also have several video blog posts. Here’s the direct playlist link which you can find on my You Tube

I also have a The Broken Bones Diaries video series I created in 2016 which was designed to assist those with broken bones and/or chronic illness.

I’m big on self help, self growth and knowing what your purpose in life is.

For me, being of service to others and not just myself is a big thing. I also love to entertain with comedy and have a talent for acting and modeling.

As I’ve gotten older (I’m 39 now) and reflected back on my life choices and been kinder to myself I have gotten more comfortable with who I am, what I’m doing. I love being a communicator, a writer, a leader perhaps?

My question to YOU my readers is do you know YOUR purpose? Comment below or meditate on it!

I’ll ask you a question at the end of most of my future posts.

From time to time instead of my blog posts or in addition I may instead record a short podcast episode on my new Podbean Podcast. Listen and subscribe!

With love from Jasmine



If Our Bodies Were Like Computers

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

If our mind, body and soul was like a computer I imagine it would be like this;

Your brain is like a CPU. It needs plenty of water, good food like walnuts, fresh fruit and vegetables. Good brain food helps but sometimes the mind (operating system) is slow or in resistance and conflict to lifestyle changes (updates) don’t take the first few times!

Meditation and hypnosis (Rebooting) helps a lot.

Intuition/the soul is great (internet browser) but can be distracting. Sometimes it’s better to bookmark that thought for later as a favourite. If it’s not important it can wait!

If you are feeling run down and things hurt too much (computer keeps freezing and doing weird stuff) maybe you need more rest and to get a flu shot (virus protection).

When you feel scared when in a strange part of town, it’s late at night, you protect yourself by being sensible (doing a security scan).

So, if we remember the above and how much we use our laptops, desktop computers, macs and even phones and tablets (mini computers!) and try to apply good health, kindness, and relaxation to our own lives we may live better!

With that in mind (haha) I’m going to meditate now on the train home from work to reboot. Starting at 7.30 am can be tricky!!


The Healing Train!

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

On Monday afternoon I was on the train to my acupuncture session in Mortdale. I’ve stayed with the same acupuncturist even when I moved suburbs twice because she’s that good and constantly learning new treatments such as colour therapy which serves as a better option than antibiotics for me for several months now.

Earlier in the week, Louise Hay, one of my heroes passed away and I was re visiting her book You Can Heal Your Life which I’ve read many times and always have a copy handy. On this particular day I felt an intense need to bring the copy of my book with me on the train and re read some of the affirmations for various issues I have. If my back pain is bad or my throat is sore I know affirmations have helped. They lift up my positive energy at the very least.

When I changed trains at Sydenham there was a woman with a suitcase who seemed flustered. I looked at her and in my mind, the immediate thought I had was ”this woman needs healing”.  She sat down and asked if she was meant to tap off her opal card when transferring or at the end of her journey so I helped her.

She then mentioned she had flown over from Cairns in Queensland for medical reasons and the flight wasn’t great. The air con was horrible. She seemed like she really needed someone to vent and I didn’t mind. What happened next was not an accident. She mentioned having a chronic illness and seeing a lot of doctors, taking medications and having no answers. I listened and said it’s interesting she is sitting with me as I understand. I mentioned a little of my story. I asked if she’d you heard of Louise Hay? I offered her my book. I can easily replace it for a few dollars at a book store. There are always plenty. Instead, she took a photo of the cover so she could look Louise up.

I asked her name and introduced myself.  Her name has Robin and she had this beautiful hopeful energy about her and she has a few children to consider.

She is using some of her superannuation to cover these medical expenses and the side effects of the medications she is on are not great. I really feel like she put it out to the

I really feel like she put it out to the universe that she wanted to do something more natural and that learning about self-help and acupuncture in addition to her conventional treatments will be good for her. I’m not a medical professional of course but I don’t believe in accidents. I believe we crossed paths for a reason.

I don’t also normally carry books with me. It’s very random and I believe in healing myself and others. It’s a life’s work. It felt good being able to teach someone about Louise. Let’s hope Robin has a great future ahead of her.


Colour Therapy!

Colourful alternative medicine!

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

As part of my fortnightly acupuncture sessions I now have Wang’s Colour Therapy, not to be mistaken for chromotherapy which uses light and colour. So what is colour therapy? 

The Theory of Wang’s Colours Therapy (excerpt)

Matters have their own energy. They use their energy to affect/communicate with each other by influencing the magnetic field. And the changing of magnetic field actually is electrons flowing. This is how physics science to explain the way of matters’ change.

The traditional Chinese medicine theory told this rule thousand years ago. The ancient Chinese sophists believed the theory that ‘the nature and man unites as one’ (天人合一). Our bodies will change the inner balance level automatically when we are in different environment so that we can adapt to it and go on living. And now all the treatments for our health are done under this rule. Take acupuncture for an example, practitioners insert a few fine needles into points on your body, and reinforce or reduce the Qi of meridians by lifting, thrusting, and twirling those needles. As we all know, Qi is a kind of energy So I think what reinforcing and reducing in the Qi actually is electron.

Electrons flow rapidly in the ‘channel or ‘meridian may cause we feel limp, numb, or painful in some part of our bodies. We call those feeling ‘Acuesthesia’. Those acupuncture points are carefully chosen by the practitioner under the rules of Five Elements Balancing, in order to bring our Qi into a better balance. The more this balance is achieved and maintained, the healthier we become.

If we do not use such invasive way to regulate our body, can we make the same curative effect by using the energy from nature? Matter is every substance in the universe, and it is made from atoms. Atoms are held together by energy/force. And energy can be transformed and aggregated. So I wondered if it’s possible that using different colours to aggregate the energy from the universe in order to adjust the body? Perhaps many people will query why those tiny colours can be so powerful. But I think they forgot something important. The Sun, is the largest energy source of the Earth. The light and heat from the Sun, created all the matters on the Earth.

Ok so how does this help you or me? Well a few months back my acupuncturist Rachael at The Art of Health had recently returned from China where she often studies and brings back new teachings in the field of Chinese medicine to Sydney. Rachael was concerned that though acupuncture is helping me greatly with my immune system and healing my shoulder etc that I was still getting infections too regularly due to Myeloma and the side effects of pomalidomide. I’m afraid that Chinese medicine in tablet form can interact with my medicines so I’m unable to take them. We needed another option in between my sessions.

I’m very open-minded and colour therapy sounded interesting and very easy. No extra charge. Basically whenever I have a sore throat or any sign of infection what I do is text Rachael my symptoms and she will send me an image with the instructions on what colours to place where on my body.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so here’s a picture showing where colour therapy is placed on the body from my recent treatment.

Certain colours relate to certain organs. One uses special crayons for drawing on your face that are non toxic and it’s best done before bed. You leave it on for no more than 8 hours at a time and no more than 3 days in a row but you really need to see someone who is trained in colour therapy because though it looks easy, it needs to be done correctly!

Proof from me that this works: last week my shoulder was sore and though it’s improved alot it still stiffens. At my acupuncture session green arrows were simply drawn on my shoulder. I lifted up my shoulder immediately with little or no pain!

Also I have not had a cold or flu in months and that’s with a busier schedule and an immune system cancer! No antibiotics.

Sure I do other things such as take supplements, think positive, rest whenever I can but before colour therapy and when I was not as busy with improv and my day job, I got sick more often!

If colour therapy interests you I recommend doing some research online.

If you have any questions about my experiences with Chinese medicine and how it can help you please don’t hesitate to comment on this post and as always please talk to your GP and Specialist first as we all react differently to natural treatments!

Until next post!


Natural Goodness! 

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

Hi all. Let’s talk about using more natural remedies to prevent and treat infections.

I use a variety of things including acupressure, probiotics, Chinese herbs, oil pulling.

If you are anything like me you probably get infections easily.

It doesn’t matter if it’s colds, the flu, hayfever or UTI’s.  

It’s chronic and it hurts and not just physically but mentally. Often it messes up your daily life.

The reasons for chronic infections vary. In my case, my immune system is always low due to the type of cancer I have.

It’s either very low or kind of low at all times. This is often remedied by acupuncture fortnightly which makes me look healthier than I appear!

Now constantly drinking cranberry juice and taking antibiotics for UTI’s is not the best idea in my experience.

You are killing lots of good bacteria along with the bad which means the infection keeps coming back.

Here are a few things you can do which I’ve done myself.

#1 Firstly what’s important for prevention?

Probiotic list here. I’ve just finished yet another course of antibiotics and have side effects from that. I like to eat or make sauerkraut, it’s cheap to make and buy.

I recommend just the stuff in the glass bottles that only has salt added.

I love kombucha, had issues making it due to temperature so prefer to buy. It’s not cheap. I don’t recommend drinking it too fast if you have digestion issues ie burping a lot!

Try to buy organic as I’ve read some brands add sugar after fermentation. Sugar should only be used in the tea when hot and eaten up in the fermenting process.

Yogurt with no sugar or fruit added or coyo unsweetened vegan yogurt. 

That’s not cheap but it’s good for you.

I find that buying probiotic pills and powders are expensive and often capsules are made with gelatin, an animal by-product which I already have in my pomalidomide and I’m vegetarian so not a fan but not against it. Up to you!

#2 Cheap treatment for UTI’s and general pain in the stomach etc to balance out the PH levels in the body.

This one is easy. Just put a teaspoon of baking soda in a full glass of water and drink.

Don’t do too often due to the sodium levels. Some people need to check with their doctor before doing this.

For women who buy powders for UTI’s, I’ve read the ingredients on the packs and they are basically just flavoured baking soda!

Save money, use what’s in the cupboard already!

You can also drink a little apple cider vinegar in water but only if it’s the natural stuff with the mother in it.

That’s the stuff you buy in the health food section of the supermarket.

Not cheap but used sparingly it lasts a long time.

You can also buy cranberry supplements that are sugar-free and take most days to prevent.

#3 Free pain relief with acupressure!

I recommend a Google search like I did for videos and images. There’s alot of information out there and it’s all harmless.

You can even use it for depression and anxiety (short term between say therapy sessions in my experience!)

It works to relieve pain and discomfort. Tell your Doctor like I do if you want to do acupressure or acupuncture first.

Today I had discomfort, I used an acupressure point several times today, drank lots of water and it’s already improved a lot!

The other day I had massive sneezing fits, again acupressure sorted it. Thousands of years of use in China.

I know the science to back this up is limited in the western world and I believe that’s because the pharmaceutical companies don’t want to lose money.

I try to as many natural remedies as I can but I’d be lying if I didn’t say occasionally I take antihistamines or traditional pain relief occasionally but that’s if I have a busy day and the natural stuff is taking too long to work as good things can take time but at least they work and without nasty side effects.

I don’t like the band-aid effect of steroid-based medication!

#4 Oil Pulling

This is an ancient technique a comedian friend introduced me to a few years ago. When I get a sore throat I often use this. All you need is coconut or another vegetable oil preferably olive or rice bran. It’s simple and effective.

Don’t accidentally swallow the oil after pulling as it contains lots of bacteria from your throat and tongue and always spit the oil in a bin never down the sink as oil can block the drain!

Click on the link above to learn more! Also, I tend to do just 5-10 minutes or whatever is comfortable and repeat a few times when sick!

# 5 Chinese Herbs.

Always check interactions with your GP, specialist and if you have cancer I recommend downloading the ap “about herbs” which is free and designed for those with cancer who are taking western medicine and want to supplement this.

For me, it has been a very useful app and I just updated this post-December 2018 as I was cleared to take immune-boosting Chinese herbs alongside my western medication! I’ve had positive effects so far! F3723DE8-6BD9-4856-A7D2-B60E657F7BE3

# 6 Colour therapy.

This is more widely used in China. I get it free from my acupuncturist and did a separate post on it. There isn’t much information online. I can recommend The Art of Health (Rachael Lau) based in Penhurst (formerly Mortdale) if you are in Sydney. Colour therapy is safe and fun.

I have stopped a sore throat from progressing many times over the past 2 years and only taken antibiotics once since 2016 from memory.

Antibiotics are not good for the chronically ill unless you are desperate and have a bacterial infection.

I believe there needs to be a balance here between taking the over the counter doc-friendly medicines and the natural, preventative remedies much like the balance between good and bad bacteria in the body! 

I believe in fewer chemicals, I’ve already started cutting back on coffee opting for green tea instead for example as caffeine depletes the immune system.

I haven’t mentioned Homeopathy or Kinesiology in detail in this post though I grew up with homeopathy and have had great success with Kinesiology too. Osteopathy is fantastic too. I get regular sessions.

Basically, I was raised on more alternative medicine and didn’t really get sick until I went on the pill and increased my sugar and dairy and egg intake as a teenager.

That’s when I got sicker and went downhill from there.

I don’t know if there was a connection. My physical health was ok before then but my mental health wasn’t.

In any case, more natural is my advice and I reluctantly got chemo, took medications etc even though I am passionately against them because that was what I had to do and I couldn’t say no otherwise I’d likely be turned down on my insurance claim with my employer.

I do have to say though that the body and the mind are amazing.

They process so much via the kidneys and liver, gallbladder and more and all the meditations and all the positive work I’ve done on myself has certainly created a better person who will no doubt be drug (legal!) free soon and in remission.

Do online research too. I don’t claim to know everything and I’m certainly not a trained medical professional!

I’d love your comments on my blog, let me know what you’ve tried and how it’s helped!

Until next post, much love Jazz!

*Note I updated this post slightly December 2018 and May 2020 (below) *

Re the Chinese Herbs (#5) I was ok on a low dose but western medication had been in increased so had to stop due to side effects.

I rarely need colour therapy (#6) anymore!

I have been vegan a few years now since early 2017.

I take probiotics and cranberry supplements (#1 and #2) daily now. I have noticed if I skip a few days I get infections easier. It’s not always cheap but it’s a great preventive as the Dex and Pomalidamide have messed with my body in a lot of ways over the years.

These are strong medications, the cancer is stable but this is what I need to do for now!


ED Adventure? I Think Not!

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

Well, I had an adventure of sorts this past weekend.

An unexpected journey in many ways I guess you could say.
Those who know I’m an ex-pat New Zealander and who are fans of The Hobbit and LOTR movies will maybe get the joke there. If not, I need to get better at writing jokes!

What’s a punchline again?

So on Friday I was having a great day off between treatments and looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the intention of catching up with a friend who is visiting for a week from Kiwiland.

At 12 am or shortly after it dawned on me that it was now Saturday morning and given my current state of health it behooves one to get to bed before midnight and have a full night’s sleep especially when steroids tend to wake one frequently in the middle of the night.

I had been comfortably blogging away and facebooking for a few hours on my laptop and not realized I had any pain.

As soon as I got up I had pain in my lower left abdomen in what felt like my left ovary.

At this point I need to mention out that yes I was on that wondrous time of the month which now starts on the first week of the first cycle of chemo each month.

Slightly bad syncing there body, adding pain to side effects and hormone overload.

Do not get me started on the PMS the week before! Well, I never do things by halves, do I?

Anyway, I went to the bathroom in preparation for bed but got one hell of a fright when my upper back and abdomen were in intense pain so much so that couldn’t use the bathroom let alone sit upright.

The pain was a level 100.

I considered side effects from the chemo at this point as I recall similar pain when I was blocked up for lack of a better word (it’s embarrassing but common so if you are on chemo, do not underestimate the importance of prunes!!), also my old lower back injury and period pain although I was on day 4 so it shouldn’t be getting worse unless the low platelet anemia was back.

I had just stopped getting the flu-like symptoms from Zometa (see the previous post) and back pain is something I’ve dealt with since childhood.

I kid you not! I have a very strong pain threshold, skipping pain relief for mind over matter, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture wherever possible.

I was raised this way and it’s better on my already damaged kidneys and liver not to mention avoiding animal-tested pain relief.

I was in agony so I had to take something though.

I opted for two panadol rapid as I’ve been advised by specialist against anti-inflammatory pain relief such as ibuprofen due to the possible interactions with some of my chemo medications.

Can’t say I find that fair as I now temporarily can’t take Naprogesic which is fantastic on period pain. Damn.

I did have pandeine forte with me but that has to be taken with Metamucil and I did not like the idea of adding more to the side effects besides in my experience pain this bad was going to need more help!

I also checked my temperature as I was almost sweating and having hot flushes. Temp was within normal range.

Heated a wheatbag and tried that but the problem was if I tried to lie down my upper back was good but my lower back was painful.

If I sat up the lower back was ok but the upper back was killing me. tried side on, rocking back and forth.

I tried to go to the bathroom after taking prunes.

Hey, I considered everything as you do when monitoring a million possible side effects and on period too!

I was in tears to and from the bathroom, nausea kicked in, I couldn’t stand up straight or sit or lie down, I almost threw up.

It was agony. I continued this process, surprised I didn’t wake my flatmate and her boyfriend up for almost two hours,  finally giving up and calling the free 24-hour nurse helpline running through all my symptoms which now included upper chest pain and no the painkillers had not kicked in.

The nurse asked alot of specific questions and said she recommended I go to the hospital.

Now at 2 am ish in the morning and before ordering an ambulance, I attempted to wake my flatmate who I know is a deep sleeper but would have been happy to drive me to RPA immediately.

Nope she was asleep or I was too quiet.

I should mention I had a sore throat and was very thirsty, had almost a litre of water in 2 hours and still so so thirsty. Ambulance ordered, arrived within 10 minutes.

Two friendly helpful staff, more questions, morphine in the ambulance for the pain so I could lie down comfortably.

The benefits of ordering the ambulance is that you get to the emergency department faster, are with trained professionals and can get pain relief immediately and the best benefit, no waiting time in the ED room!

So maybe just as well my flatmate was asleep!

There is one disadvantage for me though. That would be the bill of $160-$200 which will arrive in the mail at some point.

I don’t have private health cover, only medicare and there is no free ambulance here.

It is somewhat worth the cost and if they don’t let me pay off the bill then I have some savings or can fundraise. Hahahaha. Honestly, it’s not so bad, I’ve never had to take an ambulance to hospital or morphine for that matter but in saying that I put up with alot of pain, sometimes chronic.

I’ve been like that at work and gigs. 

I modify my social life to deal with physical pain and I used to medicate with alcohol and prior to that pain relief, it was an issue (a phase) in my 20’s … so Friday night I had to say to myself for god’s sake you are in severe pain in the middle of the night with no help so just accept the morphine.

I just wanted to sleep at that point, I was so exhausted as you can imagine. Ambo’s noticed how dehydrated I was and had the saline at the ready.
Within a few minutes of arriving at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Emergency Department (RPA) I was in a bed in acute and hooked up to an IV of saline, given more morphine and poked, prodded and asked questions by nurses.

I was scared, alone and in shock. I know 2nd and subsequent cycles of chemo can cause more side effects but I was better during the day so this was too much for me.

More morphine and I attempted to sleep between messaging my friend in Melbourne with Multiple Myeloma who has insomnia due to steroids and also a friend who was in the same hospital after having a non cancerous but huge tumour removed earlier that week and couldn’t sleep.

The nurses kept me entertained and I saw a Doctor, had an abdomen x ray. At this point, I dreamt of sleep.

They had pumped alot of morphine into me weighed me and the fact that this was my first time having morphine so monitoring for possible allergies. I took it well. Sleep!

Finally at around 5 or 6 am I can’t remember when, I wanted sleep and had just started to dose off when a woman who I could only assume was a drug addict was admitted and screaming at the top of her lungs for about 30 minutes although it felt much longer than that!

She sounded possessed and the nurses and doctors were telling her to shut up.

They are used to it. I had a lovely chat with a nurse originally from New Zeland and a fellow patient also originally from New Zealand about crazy patient number #50 who was then moved to a free bed 3 beds away from me.

Oh goodie my new friend! At this time, a close friend of mine who had seen my facebook status update earlier and was up uncharacteristically early on a Saturday morning had asked if I wanted a visitor and I said yes so she had been on her way during this time that I had a new ”buddy”.

Crazy #50 as she will forever be known, had stopped screaming before being moved to a bed but was now swearing going on about the police raiding her partner’s house, her not being crazy and swearing saying she didn’t want to be here and wanted to go look after her son. She was clearly pregnant and coming down off drugs. It was sad. I felt for her kid, and didn’t want her here but it’s acute and until you are discharged, you are stuck here. She paced alot, screaming and going mad and my friend was witness to alot of this. we exchanged the usual ”are you serious”, ”wish you would go”, ”shut up girl people want to sleep too and none of us want to be here either! geez” looks and talked in breathy voices to the nurses who have seen it all before and have a sense of humour.

They managed to eventually calm Crazy #50 down and she seemed accepting of her current predicament so peace was restored but I didn’t want to sleep as I was catching up with my friend who was fine with me sleeping, she insisted but I’m an entertainer and besides I missed her!

Saw another doctor few times and spoke with Mum and also my flatmate who apologized profusely for not being awake in the middle of the night but was happy to pick me up when I was discharged hopefully later in the day. All good.

In the end I had less than 1-hour sleep and no answer as to why I was in pain. the dehydration had given me severe cotton mouth and had 2 bags of saline and only helped a little. My throat was killing me.

I was given sachets of powder for constipation although I had not presented to the ED with this but just under haematologist orders (sigh) and a script for Endone which is morphine in tablet form, even stronger in some regards, and reluctantly discharged by the doctor who said if I did not improve or worsened please come back tomorrow or this evening.

He was really lovely.

Went to a cafe and was grateful to grab a salad to eat with my mate who had made the last few hours more bearable and waiting for my flatmate to pick me up.

Wasn’t too long until I was home again, and the morphine wearing off.

I felt tired and cranky and needing to fill the Endone script. I read the script and it said hospital only and realized this after I got home so we came back to the hospital since my flatmate is awesome and we thought we read the script right.

Well turns out the pharmacy was closed and we could fill it anywhere but if any issues we would need to have the pharmacist phone the hospital to confirm with the prescribing doctor.

I was now a little more than pissed off to put it mildly and we got home, I filled the script no issue at local pharmacy.

Originally I thought I could fill anywhere, the only issue I had was when I read the script and in my seriously sleep deprived state I didn’t think to try to fill it, I just went home and said oh my god it’s hospital only pharmacy we have to go back to RPA to flatmate!. Arrgh.

Lucky we live in Waterloo so close enough by car to the hospital!
Took a couple of Endone, slept a few hours, ate a lovely dinner with flatmate and her boyfriend (mmm home made Japanese Curry!) another one Endone and slept most of the night.

Vivid dreams man. Last time I had that was when I took a Valium when I was having a panic attack on weed years ago. Trippy.

Sunday was not so great, weak, lack of appetite, hot flushes, achy.

My flatmate helped by making me a yummy fruit smoothie and checking I was comfortable in the much cooler lounge.

I slept awhile and also a friend swung by with some fruit salad which I slowly ate during the day. He was good company when flatmate was out as I was scared I would need to go back to hospital.

I don’t recall taking more than panadol rapid.

I was more tired than anything. I went back to sleep. I think I slept 90% of the day on Sunday! Must have needed it!.

Monday was hard in terms of getting up, and I needed to do a load of washing!

I had a shortage of clean clothes and I’m practical plus I have no maid!

A hot shower and attempt at eating 2% of my breakfast helped some.

I couldn’t sleep due to the noise from the attached crèche and it was steroid day so that woke me up.

I had a GP catch up in the morning and a friend had offered a lift but hadn’t confirmed so bus into the city it was but it was fine in terms of getting a seat and getting to the city promptly.

I was very concerned as the upper back and chest pain was bad again and I was slightly hunched over in an effort to be comfortable.

Had a couple errands to run, rent was due and GP was on time and very helpful suggesting chest and back x ray to be arranged in maybe two weeks or so.

He said I should see him more often and that I can complain more, I’m a good patient handling a tough diagnosis well.

I’m impressed with how he has been since December, better than usual.

In the past with the MGUS he was dismissive as he didn’t understand it and I was left undiagnosed with the progressed cancerous version for a couple of years due to my GP’s lack of knowledge on the subject.

Well it is a rare bone cancer but still.

But I digress, back to Monday, after GP, my friend txt saying his phone was on silent, never heard the earlier txts and promptly came into the city.

I chilled for ten at a cafe next store and was relieved I didn’t have to bus back as still in poor form.

Thank god for good friends huh?

Treatment day. First blood tests and then I spoke with Myeloma Nurse, ran through my symptoms and hospital visit, and she made an arrangement for the doc to review me at treatment time.

Usual delay of an hour and a half but I had great company and my OB’s were good, quick review and the doctor actually picked up on something that ED Doc’s are too busy to notice or look for. That’s right, side effects but you won’t guess what from, no not the new drug but possibly the steroids! Yipee!

Note the sarcasm. It could be gastro problems from the sheer dose I’m on but apparently, it’s a common side effect along with sleep disturbances, weight gain, and many other side effects.

The joys of steroids.
I have prescribed a medicine called Somac for gastro upsets and told they would not do a chest or back scan until my 3rd cycle of treatment due to the radiation.

I had my treatment, took the new medication for the side effect and my lovely flatmate got me some complimentary Hydrolyte tablets through a pharmacist friend to dissolve in water for the dehydration which I still had.
Finally some relief and a decent sleep bar the two hours from 3-5 am ish that I woke up which is standard on steroids. Geez.

This morning I felt human, had support groups and therapy and apart from a little annoying upper back pain which I’m monitoring I do feel good.

Did get a hell of a fright though several hours after a quick manicure where I took off my expensive rings my Mother got me (which I never take off) when I realized I did not have my rings on my fingers and I did not get them back as they were on the table at the beauticians!

The girl never handed them back, we both forgot but surely they could have called! It was midnight when I realized so I’ll pop in when they open.

I’ve never lost expensive sentimental jewellery before now so they go on the fingers and stay on ! I’m sure the girls put them in safe keeping and didn’t ”nick off with them” hahaa.

They are nice, I’m a regular, I’m just suffering from chemo brain plus I was born blonde. You can’t change that easily.

So healthy ish again for now.

Seriously why so many ish’s in this post. I must get some sleep as I’m catching up with my mate over from New Zealand tomorrow the day before she flys out and I will try to sleep without nightmares of my rings (precious, they took my precious! omg more LOTR references but this time yeah it makes more sense huh?) sold on the black market to keep the local beautician in business…preccccciouuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Recalibration (Podcast Episode)

*Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this post are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

I just published new a podcast episode with introverts and those living with chronic illness in mind to help with your spiritual, emotional and mental health!

Please check it out!

Poetry E Book Coming!

Hi all, just a short announcement! I’ve been working on my first book, an e book over the last few months!

I’m just applying some finishing touches this weekend!

Will be available by early next week! I am self publishing.

Love and light to you all, Jazz xox

Rejection to Progression (Poem 9 May 2020)

Rejection of love or talent, they can’t see

Selection, you are better, made the cut

Dejection because things aren’t to your perfection

Justification of your desires, your thoughts

Manipulation of your mind or others

Purification of your body, detox of your soul so I can be good enough

Dissolution of marriage to ideals you had

Contradiction when you do or say the opposite of what you mean

Premonition of future you are manifesting or you are just crazy, like no other great people were alone and considered crazy at one time

Protection from disease and fear, hell its the only way you can show you care

Superstition, if my hands itch then I’m closer to becoming rich but I could end up a shallow bitch

Comparison of who I was or could be

Hydration never getting enough of the right type

Dehydration, alcohol abuse it’s a way to hold the world in a state of fear

Stagnation in Chinese medicine is different to stagnation of old negative thought patterns in my mind

Progression, letting go of us vs them and control by surrendering to a higher power

Investment of Spiritual Growth (A poem for those trying to make sense of living with a chronic illness xx)

I push through exhaustion for your benefit

I am not able to listen to my body all the time

I explain when you ask why I’m so tired, what a big task

I am sorry I can’t make you understand the fatigue is real, I am so used to pushing and pulling and wish I had money for cleaners and assistants and chefs

I keep my promises and I ache and am weaker sometimes but still you don’t understand

This clearly was not my plan and in some ways I feel this life is a scam

I have invested a lot to change my lot where others may have given up

I accept this is harder for you all to accept that I will rarely drink with you, I’ll take the medications reluctantly but do more Chinese treatment

Oh fuck I’m so tired and I want to ignore this virus and late nights and conversations

I’m not like you, I had so much healing to do

I’m not immune to my past but I won’t let this last

I’ll do my best to smile and not explain, complain, it’s not your fault

I do hope my investment pays off

Dirty Shoes (Poem)

Want to walk a mile in my shoes?

I don’t know if you could to be truthful

I feel for you, I don’t know what it’s like to be you

Let me try on your shoes too

I don’t care if they don’t fit properly, I’ll blister and my feet will expand from the pain of your journey, just to understand

One size does not fit all, I know that to be true

Some of us walk marathons and do not come first place

Some try to walk in others shoes but without the courage to get their shoes dirty, caked with mud

I want to walk in your shoes, I don’t care if the shoes are dirty, walk anywhere,

I want to understand more now than ever how to walk in your shoes and you can try on mine, what have you got to lose?


*Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this post are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

Over a year ago I saw a friend post on social media about The Wim Hoff Technique so I looked him up and used a slower version of his breathing technique.

Everyday I did this and it helped me with detoxing out from the side effects of medications and more energy.

Less than a month ago I started on the quicker slightly more challenging original breathing technique.

I use this guide on Wim Hoff’s You Tube to help make it easier.

I even downloaded the free ap and took the 20 day cold shower challenge!

I have found I don’t feel as tired when it’s hot now with the cold showers.

I find 60 seconds of my daily shower being cold is now easier.

You gradually get yourself comfortable. I started in Summer!

If it’s true we are energy and we are made up of mostly water then cold showers and breathing techniques can only help!

I had nothing to lose!

I encourage you to look outside the box regardless of your health and maybe try the Wim Hoff method!

If you want more information on how we can strengthen the immune system and the mind, I suggest watching The Goop Lab on Netflix, episode 2.

As always, blessings to you dear readers. I hope I’ve helped at least one soul today. Xx

Moment (Poem)

Happy teenager & tween laughing and playing, innocent laughter permeates the air
Intelligent comedy echoes from tv
Alternative Dad and happy guest
Chilled vibes through the house
Relaxed dog
Feet up, resting on bed, I happily tap words into art away on iPad
Resting through the heavy summer rains, cleansing the scorched earth
Happy from yoga and gym
Protein chocolate earlier helping from within
Supplements and body doing its thing
I am ok, it’s ok to rest, not worry about being the best
Right now I’m happy with my past, my future but mostly with right now
I don’t need to explain, complain, improve or justify, it’s ok
I worked hard on it but spiritually feel at peace right now even though my body is tired
Enjoying the ambience from downstairs, no need to worry if I join or not, I’m ok
My mind feels relaxed, just enjoying this beautiful moment

Climate Change Rally Sydney

Hi guys

So I attended the Town Hall rally in the city yesterday here in Sydney. Didn’t feel up to staying for the march though.

I’m wearing the black mask in the photos.

So many of us there in solidarity. Amazing speakers.

I learnt that the smoke has not just travelled from several states here in Australia to New Zealand but now as far as Argentina.

We must learn from the beautiful Aboriginal people, first nation souls who have always had a crap deal looked after this country for years without issue!

If we didn’t have the government we had (not just now) we may not be in the situation we are in.

They sell our water, mine coal, frack.

I knew it was bad but I didn’t realize how bad.

One way to process this for me is to write a poem and share it with you.

Maybe some of you feel the same?

Fashionable (11 January 2020)

Coal is so hot right now

Wipe it on your clothes, your face, don’t let any go to waste

Let’s bring it back right now

Smokey lounge found in the winters of the past

Told you it was made to last

So hot right now

So hot it’s billowing in the air

It’s fair we have plenty

Trust me it’s ok

Trust me it’s ok

Trust me it’s ok

No one has to pay

No one has to pay

No one has to lay down the law

No one has to fight

We are ok

It’s ok just let it clear the air

This is traditional British scones and jam, eggs and ham

Bacon facon like you know the earth that you stole

Wax build up in ears stops you from hearing your true fears

HELP!!! Australian 🇦🇺 Bushfires

Happy new year? I know I haven’t blogged in awhile.

I’ll just get right to it shall I? 

I am a New Zealander living in Sydney since 2010. 

I have no doubt many of you outside of the Southern Hemisphere are following the devastating news about the bush fires which are burning in several states especially where I live.

Climate change is real!
Yes some fires were deliberately lit but MOST of them are from the following:

The biggest drought we’ve ever had therefore less water + high winds + dry country + and gumtrees are more flammable BTW + hot summer weather = fires ! Out of control.

The Prime Minister’s– response has been completely UNACCEPTABLE and he seems more concerned with selling Aussie resources such as water (I am not joking !) and more. Disgusting ! Jacinda Arden the NZ PM has been helpful and sincere!

My American friends’ I am sure a lot of you can empathize when the person who is meant to led your country is anything but a leader!

The people are helping each other as much as they can while the Government and insurance companies take their time with talk and red tape!

We still have another 2 months or more of Summer and we have not had much blue sky in Sydney for a long time.

NZ is now getting smoke haze from us.

I grew up in Auckland and they are getting it.

As many of you know I have lived with chronic illness for many years.

I’m almost in the clear.

I have worked hard to get there.

This is not what this post is about but I am better off if I wear a special mask when I’m outdoors even just to go to the gym or supermarket!

I am getting used to shaking dust off my washing/basket/lines!

I am fortunate enough to not have to work (health) in a day job anymore and not be close to the fires BUT I have friends’ who have missing friends’ and family who have lost their homes.

The rest of the world from your “regular” Joe and John and celebrities have been helping and many of us are donating basic supplies, not just money.

It’s urgent and ANIMAL charities are getting more help too but need more!

I do apologize for not sugar coating here but I have heard the fire service are not always able to rescue animals and people flee leaving their horses and other animals to perish. This is not their fault and I cannot imagine how that feels. 

A lot needs to change but what is done is done. We need action now!

What I do know is that animals are the biggest victims (and the trees!) so I am raising funds for a worthy cause via one of my FB pages.

The Australia Zoo Hospitalin Queensland is helping and also sharing resources throughout Australia so I chose them.


Thank you for your support!




I Forgive Me (New poem written with all in mind Xxoo)

I forgive myself for not being in flow of life at all times

I forgive myself for not being happy all the the time

I forgive myself for setting high expectations for my self improvement

I forgive myself for not bring perfect

I forgive myself for not being the weight I want right now

I forgive myself for not being healthy all the time

I forgive myself for not being sociable all the time

I forgive myself for not always feeling like being positive

I forgive myself for not doing as much exercise as I want

I forgive myself for not always listening to my gut feeling

I forgive myself for not always listening and jumping to conclusions

I forgive myself for not always breathing deeply when I feel stressed

I forgive myself for not always taking well headed advice

I forgive myself for not always following the doctor’s orders

I forgive myself for not always eating the right foods

I forgive myself for forgetting who I really am

I forgive myself for Judging my present and future based on my past

I forgive myself for checking I’m ok more than I need to

I forgive myself for explanation and justification of all the good I do for myself or the way I didn’t handle challenges as well as I hoped

I forgive myself for comparing my efforts to others rather than just being inspired and guided by them

I forgive myself for checking on time and being too organised

Mostly I forgive myself for forgetting that I’m ok, doing my best with all this new positive change that I worked hard for mind, body and spirit.

Fear of Freedom (Poem)

What are you scared of?

Are you scared that things won’t get better?

Are you scared that you will hurt yourself and others?

Are you scared that you will embarrass yourself if you step into the darkness to find the light you are?

Are you scared that if you stop thinking and planning and anticipating that everything will stop and the universe will implode in on you?

Are you scared that like when you were younger that if you don’t have structure and you don’t have control of your mind that everything will go wrong?

Are you scared that it’s possible that everything will go better than what you could ever imagine?

Are you scared it is possible that in this lifetime people like you could be happier for once rather than in pain?

How To Calm Anxiety (Video Blog 28 August 2019)

*Disclaimer; I’m not a medical professional or counselor. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own based on what I’ve found helps me. Always consult a professional first*

Video Blog 28 August 2019